No matter what culture we're from, everyone loves music.

--Billy Joel

About Slap Happy

Slap Happy Music Studio is a place for musicians of all ages, all abilities, and all interests. From the 5-year-old taking his first piano lesson to the 75-year-old using hand drumming as her meditation, Slap Happy has something for everyone.

Want to develop motor skills? We can do that. Want to find a way to express yourself? Slap Happy does that. Want to take out your frustrations on something big and loud? Definitely. Looking for a place to make friends, forget about work and school, and have fun? Yep, you can do that here, too!

From world music to strings, voice to guitar, piano to percussion. Try something new or dive in deeper to something you already love. If you want to make music, you can make it here.

Studio Contact & Hours

Lessons are scheduled by appointment. Call 720-295-8209 to schedule your first lesson today! Click Here for inclement weather.

Summer break runs from June 28-July 4–no lessons this week. Happy 4th of July!

We will still return calls and emails within 48 hours, so feel free to contact us if needed.

Slap Happy Music Studio
190 W Rafferty Gardens Ave #4
Littleton, CO 80120